Our Specials on Luxury Items

Get the best deals for your electronics, jewelry, musical instruments, and much more. Inglewood provides specials for customers at our multiple locations. We have daily auctions that guarantee you a chance at securing victory on a bevy of goods.

Our Specials on Luxury Items

Low Interest Rates and Fast Cash

Inglewood Jewelry & Loans has the best specials in Los Angeles for individuals looking to sell or buy quality items. It doesn't matter whether your stuff is lightly used or ancient, our team provides an accurate appraisal and gets the interaction done within minutes.

Low interest rates and instant cash is the name of the game at Inglewood Jewelry & Loan. We don't discriminate on the items we will accept. Our appraisers will give you the best prices for everything, including gemstones, diamonds, and gold rings.

Great Bargains on a Variety of Goods

$1 Interest
For 30 days on
loans up to $500
Interest free
First 48 Hours
on all new loans

2.9% Interest

On loans over $2500
for first 30 days
Instant cash
For gold, diamonds,
electronics and power tools

We offer $1 interest for 30 days on loans up to $500. Not only that, the first 48 hours on all new loans will be interest FREE.

Looking to secure a larger loan? We have 2.9% interest available on loans over $2500 for the first 30 days.

Do you have a MVMT watch? Or possibly an older Rolex? We cover the whole gamut here.

Get instant cash for gold, diamonds, electronics and power tools.

Check how much we will pay you!